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Citytalk Security Ltd provide a full range of Safes and Locking systems along with installation and movement of existing safes. Call us today for expert impartial advice and arrange a survey visit.


Our Locks provided and installed can be simple single key and lock through to multi tier suited key systems allowing one person to access a single door another to access some doors and another to access all doors. The keys can be secure so un-authorised cutting of the keys is not permitted. These systems are perfect for managing agents, managers of care homes or large organisations with multiple doors. The cost of this type of system is a fraction of the cost of Access Control systems and are very effective.

The most common lock used today is the euro profile cylinder. Please be careful when having these fitted. Always ask for break secure cylinders and ensure that the cylinder does not protrude more that 5mm from the door or door furniture.


We provide a full locksmith service from new installation, replacement fitting and gaining entry. Our locksmiths are trained to unlock locked doors rather than simply reach for a drill and drill the lock out. There are occasions where drilling the lock is the only way in, but our locksmiths will only resort to this as a last attempt. The locksmiths can also attend to locked safes where keys or combinations have been lost.